Taking The First Step Towards Financial Freedom

I went on a hut trip a few weeks ago. A hut trip is a snow shoe / ski trip with a backpack where you go up to a hut (large cabin with sleeping spots for 15 or so people, wood burning stove, and outhouse), stay for a couple of nights hiking or skiing around the area during the day, and then you pack back out to join the real world. It was the first time I’d been on such a trip in almost 20 years, and I was nervous and scared because of the strength and endurance I would need to make it.

I committed to the trip about six weeks in advance and immediately knew that I had a lot to do to get ready for the trip. I started walking and going to strength training classes. I weaved in some hiking trips in the mountains on the weekends as well to acclimate to the altitude as much as possible. I started out slow and just kept at it. I missed a couple of days here and there but knew I had an end goal in mind and not to give up but just keep on steadily working toward that trip. I talked with various people about what to bring, how to train, what to rent, how much food to bring, etc., so I would be as prepared as possible.

The day we went up the mountain to the hut, I went slowly and steadily. I took my time and didn’t wear myself out and was grateful for the friends that checked up on me every once in a while and waited for me to catch up. It was a long day, but it was worth it all when I saw the hut just ahead. “I did it!” I exclaimed to myself. I was so excited and so proud that something I had worked so hard for was in my sight!

What’s even greater now is that I can coast through my continued exercise regime. Not coast exactly, but feel comfortable and happy with where I’m at with it. All the hard work and discipline was leading up to the trip itself. Now, I’m on cruise control. It’s not a struggle to exercise, and I don’t even think about it. Just today I went on a five mile hike and hardly even broke a sweat and made it in record time.

This is the same path that people take when they realize they need to start paying more attention to how they spend and save their money. It takes time and diligence to get started. It takes help and a plan. Then, it takes perseverance to stick it out and forgiveness for yourself if you aren’t perfect the whole time. And, it takes a celebration once you’ve achieved those first goals! You did it! Finally, with all that behind you, you can coast with the new habits you’ve formed with your money.

Want to taking the first step towards financial freedom? All it takes is that first step, that first commitment to yourself and others that you are going to make a change. Be good to yourself and step forward today!

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