Financial Counseling Services

Building Riches, LLC in Denver, Colorado offers a variety of financial counseling and accounting services to help you with your financial needs. If you don’t see something that fits what you need, call us to explain your situation, and we’ll see if we can help. We have experience in various QuickBooks platforms as well as RFMS.


Financial Consultation

In the consultation we answer basic financial questions that you might have. You might not need our other services, but you would like to have someone who can answer some questions for you.

  • Do I need a budget?
  • Is there a way for me to get out of debt?
  • Where do I start?
  • How to prioritize paying debts or bills with an inheritance or some other lump sum of money.
  • High level “where should I be with retirement funds and house mortgage for my age” questions.


Detailed Financial Consultation

Once we’ve got the basic financial questions answered, we can move to the next level and come up with a detailed plan, such as

  • Monthly budget for one year
  • Plan how to start paying off debt
  • Plan how to start saving for your financial goals
  • Regular conversations to see how you’re doing and answer questions as to the plan and budget for three months
  • Budget revision based on three months of working with and in the budget
  • Guidance as to how to set up regular bills and debts so they’re automatically paid
  • Help with determining your short term (1-3 year) financial goals



We also provide basic bookkeeping to help those who don’t have the time (or patience)

  • Create yearly budget
  • Pay vendor invoices
  • Pay commissions
  • Issue customer invoices
  • Record monthly financial transactions
  • Reconcile bank statements
  • Reconcile actual income and expenses against budgeted amounts
  • Update the trial balance
  • Create monthly profit and loss statement
  • Create monthly balance sheet
  • Prepare quarterly taxes


Bookkeeping for Real Estate Investors and Landlords

We have multiple years of experience bookkeeping, accounting, and preparing fiscal year-end books for tax accountants for real estate investors and landlords. We will provide all of the above Bookkeeping tasks as well as items specific to real estate, such as

  • Create profit and loss reports for individual properties
  • Track 1031 Exchange information for year end
  • Separately account for properties in retirement accounts such as a Self-Directed IRA
  • Reconcile monthly reports from your Property Manager
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