About Building Riches, LLC

Angela Selman started Building Riches, LLC. after looking back at her life and realizing how lucky she was that her parents taught her about money management. Many people don’t have that basic education, and they struggle to make sense of it all.

Ms. Selman saw examples of financial illiteracy while teaching high school Career Math, where students didn’t know how to calculate a tip or balance a checkbook. She also saw examples of it in her corporate career, watching her co-workers spend money they didn’t have.


Basics of money management

At Building Riches, we teach down-to-earth basics of money management not taught in school. These basics are necessary to build wealth and succeed with money.

Denver Financial Coach

Angela Selman has spent the last 30 years managing her own money and building wealth. She reside in the Denver area and is a teacher and mentor at heart. As a financial coach, Angela is able to help you solve your financial problems with her knowledge and experience.

She received her B.S. in Math with a concentration in Secondary Education, and a Masters in Business Administration. She is currently enrolled in classes to become a Certified Financial Planner™. Most of her career has included teaching and mentoring, and she derives her greatest satisfaction from coaching people reach the “next level” of learning and understanding.

Angela shares some philosophy with other financial coaches such as Dave Ramsey. She too believes creating a budget and paying off debt in a “debt snowball” fashion, but she also understands that people have different financial goals and not having any mortgage debt is not the plan for everyone.